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Why Podcasting

Podcasting – or, more broadly, Audio On Demand – opens up a world of entertainment and a world of information to millions of consumers around the world. It allows writers, journalists, comedians, groups, big and small companies and even hobbyists to connect directly with their audiences every week.

Today, 57 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. That number has gone up by more than 40% in just two years for three reasons: more people are connecting their smartphone to their car (where 23% of all listening happens); more people are discovering the relatively new Podcast app on their Apple devices; and new, highly produced shows like “Serial” are getting more people to talk about the podcasts they listen to.

Analysts expect consumption of podcasts to rise from 6 billion listener-hours in 2013 to nearly 15 billion hours by the end of 2020.