This Is Actually Happening

Through first person, short format storytelling with no commentary, This Is Actually Happening probes the chaotic interiors of the human experience as we find out what happens when everything changes. If you’d like to donate to the show, go to patreon.com/happening

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About the host

Dr. Whit Missildine has a PhD in Social Psychology and is the Chief Scientist at Viion. For over a decade, Dr. Missildine’s work has focused on workplace cognition, immersive learning, accelerated expertise, and learning experience design. He has led research, design and implementation efforts on numerous immersive learning engagements and developed a suite of simulation-based, virtual world products across a variety sectors, including mining, project management, finance, and education. He has co-authored a number of peer-reviewed journal publications on the effectiveness of simulation-based learning methods and Virtual Worlds technologies, and presented findings at international conferences on cognitive science, gamification, and simulation-based learning.

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