For Tides of History episodes, you will receive the newest episode one week before it is released to the public, each Thursday. You will receive new Business Wars episodes each Monday and Wednesday, one day before their normal release.

Episodes will be uploaded to your private RSS Feed, which you may access from any post in your member portal. You can add your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts and listen to new content as it is uploaded. Note that you only need to add this to your app once and episodes will be updated automatically. You do not need to add the link to your app per each episode. See our next FAQ for further instructions.

If your podcast app of choice does not support private RSS links, you can stream the episode right from your phone or desktop! Episode links can be found in each individual post within your portal.

Behind the scenes and new content will be distributed as it becomes available. This content will be emailed to you directly via the email address you used during sign-up. Be sure to add [email protected] to your address book!