You have the option to use either a private RSS Feed, or stream the episode via a provided link. Please note: Unfortunately not all podcast apps will accept the private RSS feed, so you may need to use the streaming link. If this is the case, simply click the streaming link provided in each podcast post, and stream directly to your device. As of right now – Overcast, Stitcher, and TuneIn are not compatible.

All RSS Feeds are uniquely generated per each member. No two members will share the same RSS Feed.

For those adding the RSS Feed to Apple Podcasts, follow these steps while on your mobile device:
1. Open a recent post on your member dashboard, accessible here. This can be any post you choose.

2. Scroll past the episode description until you reach this line of text:


4. Apple Podcasts will automatically open, with your unique RSS feed already copied into their “Add a Podcast by URL…” field.


5. Click subscribe and that’s it! You can now access your content directly in Apple Podcasts.

Please note that the private RSS feed is not accessible via a desktop device. If you want to listen to your podcasts on a computer or laptop, you will need to stream the episode via the link provided in each post.