Cold | Ep. 18: Angel of Hope

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Nearly 10 years have elapsed since Susan Powell’s disappearance. Her body has still not been found. The investigation remains a cold case. In recent years, Susan’s friends and family have focused their effort on sharing the story as a cautionary tale. They hope showing the warning signs of domestic abuse can help others safely escape dangerous relationships. In this season finale for Cold, Dave shares his theory on what he believes happened to Susan.

For the past three years, investigative reporter Dave Cawley has been studying thousands of police documents, journals, videos and diary entries. He has tracked down new sources, followed new leads and traced Josh Powell’s trail from West Valley City, Utah, through Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and on to Washington State, where Powell killed himself and his two sons. Cold is the most complete retelling of the Susan Powell story ever. Join Dave Cawley in his search for truth.

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