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Debra thought she met the love of her life in John, but her family thought his stories didn’t add up. From Wondery and the Los Angeles Times, Dirty John is a story of love, and ultimately, survival.

In 1973, hell came and invaded the body of a young girl. Doctors wouldn’t treat her, psychiatrists dismissed her, priests gave their lives for her. Following the highly successful deep-dive into the film Psycho, host Mark Ramsey takes you Inside The Exorcist. This is a story of faith and fury, causes and curses, of unbridled ego and the brute force of filmmaking. You have to hear the fear for yourself.

Everywhere around us are echoes of the past. Those echoes define the boundaries of states and countries, how we pray and how we fight. They determine what money we spend and and how we earn it at work, what language we speak and how we raise our children. In this new series from Wondery, host Patrick Wyman, PhD (“Fall Of Rome”) helps us understand our world and how it got to be the way it is.

In April of 1987, Retha Welch was found brutally murdered in her Newport, Kentucky, apartment. Police immediately had a theory: The 54-year-old devout Christian had been a volunteer prison minister who sometimes opened her home to the convicts she counseled. Detectives decided that one of them killed her, and a jury agreed. Now, 30 years later, the verdict has been overturned.

Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That’s the purpose and the hope of “Something You Should Know.” In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of “intel” you can use to make your life better – today. Right now.

Hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen study the books that have made the biggest impact on billionaires.. and how they can help you live in a more prosperous life. First of all, these guys like to have fun.. secondly, they like to help people invest in their future.

Season 2 begins with the conclusion of “The Black Dahlia Serial Killers.” Join us and our guest experts’ theories to finally know why the Black Dahlia remains one of the most famous cold cases of all time. Then, come with us on a unique journey into the mind of the most infamous murderers ever to stalk Hollywood. “Young Charlie” follows Charles Manson’s unlikely path from his troubled childhood in rural West Virginia to the man who lives in infamy forever.

A  deep dive into the mysterious and peculiar happenings that occurred during the filming of the legendary film Psycho.   Mark Ramsey Media and Wondery create a magical mix of fact and fiction which transports you into the world of Hitchcock. Psycho is among the greatest thrillers in movie history–and it nearly didn’t happen!