Calling all podcasters & creators  that are interested in joining the Wondery audio on-demand network.  We can provide advertising representation for your show as well as a platform to increase your listenership and exposure.  Do you have a successful show and are looking to take the next step?  You have come to the right place.

  • Barry Katz
    In a world of ordinary, Hernan Lopez has created an extraordinary universe of podcasts with Wondery, that are not only immersive and all encompassing, but change millions of lives, in a positive way, on a daily basis.  Listen to one episode of any Wondery series and you will be completely hooked and blown away...and realize why Hernan and his amazing team, have changed the face of the podcasting industry forever.
    - Barry Katz - Barry Katz, Host of Industry Standard
  • The Fall Of Rome
    Thanks to their support, the audience has more Than doubled, and that growth has driven the ad sales That have allowed me to quit my day job as a journalist to pursue my passion for history full-time. Wondery is a professional organization stocked with smart, experienced people, from Hernan down, who understand deeply every aspect of both the business and creative sides of podcasting. Getting on board with Wondery is one of the best professional decisions I've ever made.
    - The Fall Of Rome - Patrick Wyman, Host of Fall of Rome
  • The Vanished
    I started my show in 2016 with the hope of spreading the word about under-covered missing persons cases in my free time.  Joining the Wondery Network has given me the ability to move from doing this as a hobby to working on the show full-time. Wondery has also helped me grow the size of my audience which has helped these stories reach more people around the world.
    - The Vanished - Marissa Jones, Host of The Vanished
  • Story Worthy
    Wondery came in to the podcasting game with a passion for storytelling. I couldn’t think of a better fit for Story Worthy. Because of Wondery, my podcast is heard by more people, supported by more sponsors, and engaged with more social media. To be with Wondery Media is to have energy, passion, and the future on your side.
    - Story Worthy - Christine Blackburn, Host of Story Worthy
  • Real Crime Profile
    Real Crime Profile has been with Hernan and the Wondery team right from the start! Wondery make producing a podcast such a positive experience, always on hand to answer questions and enable us. They are such bright lights, can do people, who can't do enough to make Real Crime Profile great
    - Real Crime Profile - Jim, Laura and Lisa, Hosts of Real Crime Profile
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Why Podcasting

Podcasting – or, more broadly, Audio On Demand – opens up a world of entertainment and a world of information to millions of consumers around the world. It allows writers, journalists, comedians, groups, big and small companies and even hobbyists to connect directly with their audiences every week.

Today, 57 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. That number has gone up by more than 40% in just two years for three reasons: more people are connecting their smartphone to their car (where 23% of all listening happens); more people are discovering the relatively new Podcast app on their Apple devices; and new, highly produced shows like “Serial” are getting more people to talk about the podcasts they listen to.

Analysts expect consumption of podcasts to rise from 6 billion listener-hours in 2013 to nearly 15 billion hours by the end of 2020.